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So you've found your way to the 'About Us' page? Looks like you want to know more about us! Well then, let us share how we got here.

Like most small business ideas we found a gap in the market. We found it difficult to find trendy clothing options for our daughter that showed her fierce and independent personality. We would find ourselves shopping in the boys department to escape the cringe worthy logos, bright pink, and all of the frills and bows.

After making her a custom denim jacket we got a lot of great compliments from the people around us. So as more strangers stopped us in cafes and parks our confidence grew and we knew we needed to make them available for anyone else who wanted a cool jacket for their kid. Fast forward five years and the rest is as they say history.

We're proud to say our denim jackets are not only ironed on, they are all machine sewn by a selection of amazing ladies we rely on to help us create your orders. And we sew for a reasons. Firstly, machine sewing ensures your patches stay put and it means you can be confident when washing them. Kids can be rough and rumble and although you may not be able to rely on them behaving when you need them to, you can rely on our jackets lasting a really long time.

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Want to know even more? Well, we're flattered! Send us an email and we'll answer all your questions





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